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New Europe Wednesday email from Richard Pickering 

New Europe, the Wednesday email with a personal view of the business and role of property in new Europe from Richard Pickering, Head of Futures Strategy.

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Productivity, Prop-Tech and Pastries

A wasting asset  It has been a busy day in the Commons today, starting with David Davis’ interrogation by the Select Committee on Brexit...

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Acceleration, Inflation and Automation

Tiger in the tank  One of the first phrases that I learned on entering the world of real estate was ‘Agency is Urgency’...

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Land, Liquidity and Lords

Gunpowder  Although we’re a little early for the 5th of November, the season for plots has already been sparked...

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Red, White Elephants, and Blue

Red  Forgotten amid the jubilation of the Labour Party conference last week was the fact that Labour did not, in fact, win the General Election...

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